January 2018 - August 2018

UI/UX Designer & Software Developer

Internship @RBC

I completed two internship positions at RBC in Toronto. My first was as UI/UX designer were I was involved in the ideation process of producing digital products. I collaborated with multiple teams across the organization and researched to design prototypes. My second internship was as a software developer, mainly focusing on the front end and machine learning for two different groups. The entire eight months experience gave me a better understanding of how to develop a concept to a product.

January 2018 - April 2018

RBX is a global innovation accelerator program, where employees are tasked to solve big, disruptive challenges across the bank. Employees are pushed to get creative and apply methods of Design Thinking and Lean Startup Experimentation in order to build better solutions for the end user.

My Role

As a UI/UX Designer for RBCx, I was responsible for assisting all the teams with product solutions and creative direction. The session ran for nine weeks. As it was an innovation program - scaling and growth were critical areas of focus for our team. The strategy we built focused on three pillars: new products, up-skilling the current workforce and creating a culture of innovation. 

Design Thinking & Lean Startup

Coached teams weekly through the best practices in user experience, research methods and user testing. Led the design and delivery of digital products by creating wireframes, personas and user journeys. Ran workshops on Design Thinking and Lean Startup Experimentation for other teams across the organization to spread these new ways of working.

Creative Direction

Created stimulus materials (posters, ads, infographics, etc.) for the teams to test with potential users. Built digital prototypes and user interfaces for websites and mobile applications using tools like Proto.io, Wix, Figma and Adobe XD. Designed the branding, marketing and logos for the final Venture Team's solutions to ensure legitimacy.

Business Financial Services

May 2018 - August 2018

The business financial services (BFS) team creates technology applications and processes to enable RBC's commercial banking clients. BFS builds and adopts digital innovations at scale, leverage next-generation technologies and form strategic partnerships within the fintech ecosystem to deliver seamless, digitally-enabled experiences that are best-in-class for clients and employees.

My Role

As a software developer, I worked on two projects simultaneously responsible for the frontend and User experience. I primarily focused on creating high fidelity mockups using Sketch and Invision. I then led the frontend development using Angular, Angular Material, and Bootstrap to write dynamic, responsive web pages to display tabulations, visualizations using Chart.js, and forms with validations.

The First Project

Developed the frontend and the flow of an AI-powered business insight platform for commercial account managers using Angular. 

The Second Project

Designed and prototyped a client and employee web app to streamline commercial credit processes for expected 800,000+ clients.

Unfortunately, can't talk about my work's specifics - below you can see a reference written by my manager Connor.

"Bassam presented the design concepts that he has envisioned and articulated them to his team members. Bassam completed various UI/UX designs, including mocking up layout/flow of projects and putting design concepts to work when considering more complex functionality. This was evident when he mocked up both the "formula builder" and "covenant capabilities" for the credit team and the "generate report" feature for the trade team. Bassam has consistently shown the ability to leverage the design concepts he has learned to make meaningful frontend suggestions. This has helped act as "guiding light" for the teams and has added considerable value. As a result of his strong technical skills, interpersonal skills and work ethic, Bassam has rightfully earned an "outstanding" rating for his co-op term."

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