PNI Media Inc.

September 2019 - June 2020

Product Designer 

About PNI

The world’s leading retailers rely on PNI Media to offer on-demand personalized products and shipping solutions to their customers. PNI's platform provides enterprise eCommerce solutions that connect mobile, online, desktop and in-store kiosk digital content to large retailers who use the platform to provide customers with personalized photo gifts, prints, brochures, presentations, business cards, flyers and more.

My Role

As a product designer, My role span through the entire product cycle, beginning by conducting user research, prioritizing design needs with the product manager, and collaborating with our front-end engineers and our backend developers to validate and ship features. We primarily design business printing sites for clients such as Costco, Sam's Club, Staples, and FedEx. Created cohesive and responsive web experiences that benefit clients, the user, and is feasible to implement—designed and implemented new systems that promote better communication across teams. I was also supporting other designers by providing constructive design feedback often.

Early-stage wireframes of some of the projects I worked on,

Research & Ideation

Time management and quickly ideating were crucial when working on multiple projects simultaneously while collaborating with product managers, marketing, and developers. Most clients sought an early-stage solution in a week or less, so I learned how to wireframe efficiently, conduct strategic user tests, and share results pitch solutions to stakeholders. 

Costco's wall décor landing page

Staples's printing & marketing services homepage


After gathering feedback from stakeholders and narrowing down solutions I presented, a Design system was created in the abstract software that consisted of the client design visual principles, typography, colours and layout. I then used the Sketch software to design the high fidelity user interface and screens, after completing the user interface designs, a digital high fidelity prototype was created using inVisionApp. I then created a presentation slide deck using Keynote to pitch to clients.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the specifics of my work - below, you can see a reference written by my manager and read a bit about my experience.

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