August 2018 - September 2019

Product Manager & UX Designer 

About Livshows.

Livshows is a digital product that aims to enhance the concert goer's experience at every touchpoint, aiming to be the entire concert experience built into one app. From first discovering, the artist is in town to reliving that special night in the post-concert experience. 

UX & Product Management.

Led the technical & design requirements gathering & documentation to inform project scoping and planning. Led IA using user journeys and sitemaps, card sorting, content audits and modelling, develop content- wireframes and prototypes. 

Onboarding flowchart

Onboarding wireframes

Business Strategy.

Worked directly with business partners to ensure value and helped the lines of business to achieve collaboration objectives. Planned out how to competitively position the product within the context of their industry trends and market opportunities.

Preview of the upcoming official Rebrand / Release.

Due to aspects of the product not being released publicly yet, I'm unable to showcase the latest version or discuss strategy due to confidentiality reasons. Any content currently displayed will only feature the alpha version of the application. I will be updating this section as soon as public releases are shipped.

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