Liv-con is a music event organized by livshows.


Project Management,Art Direction + UX design.

About Liv-Con.

Liv-con is a music event that brings creatives with unique styles and sounds from different time zones, creating a memorable immersive experience. The event was hosted on June 27th on Livshows Instagram live and watch exclusive song premieres, interviews and live performances.


01 Create unique promotional content and experience to encourage the fans to tune in to the live stream. 

02 Leverage the event to increase the number of web leads and sign up for exclusive early access to the livshows app that's coming soon .

Augmented Reality.

We conducted thorough research and sketching sessions and realized it would be suitable to implement augmented reality as part of the experience. We discovered that you do not need to download an app in order to make this happen, I realized we could apply WebAR experience on the livshows website, which will increase visitors' chances of signing up for the exclusive early access to the livshows app.

Early stage wireframes.


The goal was to bridge the gap between physical print and digital content. After further research on the capabilities of AR, user research and iterations, we found that the Augmented Reality Invitation card with a 3D avatar of the poster would be intriguing. The 2D poster was designed on Adobe illustrator, we then used Maya to convert the 2D poster to 3D object also with some abstract shapes. We then used Spark AR and unity to test and build the experience.

First iteration of the 3D Poster.

Adding AR elements to the 3D poster.

Digital Experience.

Visitors who visit the page will need to tap on the poster on their phones and will be able to see the digital content. Visitors will then be able to see the information about the event and interact with the 3D object,  almost as if it was glued to the print. You can activate invite at to understand the experience better. 

The official presentation of Liv-Con's AR digital experience.


The digital experience was highly effective and received positive feedback. We captured close to 240 emails through the web-lead capture form, improving web leads by 300%. We have already had enquiries into how this can be done for other digital experiences. I learned a lot about the capabilities of augmented reality and using it to create exciting ways to keep up with modern times to entice fan's experience.

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